Top 4 rules we follow in our digital marketing services

Content will not be recommended in a good position on Google search if it is not to search engine optimized. In this post, we’ll show you what are the top rules of SEO copywriting that we follow during our digital marketing services. Because of these rules, organic traffic is guaranteed.

During our digital marketing services, we always follow our rules from below:

  1. Write as a visitor, not a search engine robot!

We made one of the most important rules right now for the first point. This is because many people think that the essence of search engine optimized copywriting is to pack the text with their keywords. Which will end up with the visitor tearing his hair out because of the text. And he will throw a penalty for manipulation.

Google’s algorithms, though they’re just programs, aren’t stupid. They understand the text more and more. And with the development of artificial intelligence, we are sure that in time any language will be handled perfectly.

Make sure you spell your marketing copywriting and creative copywriting! We use a word processing program to re-write the content, which immediately runs a spell check on our text.

Let’s get creative! Creative copywriting is very important so that the reader does not fall asleep on our text. Write text that reads itself!

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  1. Meta Title and Meta Description

Fill in the two metadata for each page! A meta title is one of the most important SEO elements of a website. This is the title of the page that will be highlighted in the search results list. The better we write, the more people will click on it and the higher our page will be ranked in the search engine.

What should the meta title look like?

  • contains our most important keywords
  • catchy, relevant,
  • max. 55-60 characters long,
  • addressed to the reader, not to the robot

The meta description appears below the meta title on the search results page. And serves two purposes: to attract attention and to encourage clicks. If we’re lucky, Google won’t rewrite it, but let’s be aware that Google rewrites about 70% of the meta descriptions we write.

In the meta description, we summarize the content of our text. Describe what a visitor will find when they visit our site.

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It is very useful to write CTA (Call to action) text at the end of the text, to encourage the reader to click in Hungarian. CTA (Call-to-Action) means placing text or buttons to encourage visitors to click. One of the most important online marketing elements to achieve results in the field of marketing copywriting.

What is a good meta description?

  • summarize the content,
  • catchy,
  • includes keywords,
  • the visitor gets what we describe here,
  • click incentive(CTA).

We plan to be able to manage significantly fewer characters on a mobile phone. So it is advisable to test the written meta texts in a SERP preview tool. Check out our digital marketing services and see how can we help you!

  1. URL, Using Canonical URL

We are optimizing the URL where the article will appear. The URL should be verbose and readable. Follow the structure of the page and it won’t hurt to include a keyword.

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Always include text that is search-optimized with a self-canonical tag. This is a clear signal to the search engine that this is unique, non-copied content. You can read more about the canonical tag here.

  1. Competitor Research – Skyscraper Copywriting

The point of the skyscraper copywriting technique is to do a quick search on the topic before writing anything. We then collect what they write about the first few hits. And our job will be to compile better, more meaningful text for your website.

If you are writing the copy for a website, keep these 4 rules in mind. If you have a business and want to rate higher on the search engine results you need a master of words. You can find a professional copywriter at Growwwise! Contact us today!

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