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Mobile devices have become essential elements for our day today. Not only for the convenience they provide but also because from them you can use all kinds of apps for various tasks. Such as work, leisure, or shopping activities. So nowadays you must seek app design services for your business!

Need app design services? Here is how to create an app from scratch

How do we start our app design services? With a good idea first!

For an application to be created, it is crucial to start developing it with a clear direction. Before we start designing screens or writing code, we need to have a good idea.

Of course, the idea for this app must be viable. How to know if an idea is good or viable? It must fulfill the main objective: to solve one or more user problems simply. In case you want to develop an app, but don’t have an idea, you can start the journey in reverse.

First, find a problem that can be solved with an app and then plan how to solve it with an application. In either case, it is advisable to carry out a study. To find out how many mobile device users have a problem that we can solve through the service that our app will provide.

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At this point, before continuing you should be clear about various concepts. Among them, what do you want the application for which you have the idea to do and its functions? But, also, the budget you are going to have to develop it. After that, you have to hire a professional app design team to make your dream come true!

Android or iOS?

When you have everything clear, you have to decide for which mobile operating system you want to develop the application. Android, iOS, or both? Whatever you choose, it is necessary to register as a developer on the corresponding platform or platforms.

The developer is just the name that appears as the publisher of the application. That you or your company figure as a developer does not mean anything about who will carry out its development. Once this is done, it is time to decide which professionals are going to bring the app in question to life!

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First sketches and explanation of the idea

When you have chosen our development team, you have to meet with us, to begin with, the design of the application that you have devised. After you explain what idea you have, the purpose of the app, or the functions you want it to have. We will analyze the data, see if it is feasible to develop everything proposed and begin to design the first screens and sketches of the application.


We use different prototyping tools and utilities, which will be of great help for the design of your app. We create together the storyboard. Just to capture the general idea of ​​each screen.

Backend development and first tests

At this point, already with the approved wireframe, is where the application’s backend must be specified by the application developer. Our programmers will shape it, and perform one or more of the required actions at first.

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Now you can tell who you want to test the wireframe, to see what they think and how they use it. By doing so, they may give you some new ideas to add to the app.

Testing and publication in stores

The app would already be functional, but we will check that all its elements work correctly. Then, we note down everything that does not work or can be improved in the app code. When everything is tested and it works perfectly, the app is finished. Now is the time to send it to Apple or Google for publication.

Once the app has been optimized and sent to Google and Apple, it only remains to wait for those responsible to review it and publish it in their stores. From scratch to publishing the app in the app store. This is all that needs to be done to bring app design to fruition with our digital marketing agency, Growwwise!

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